Welcome to Spectrum

Flourish in diversity

Greetings friends!
We hope you had a wonderful and rejuvenating summer break, bonding with family and friends.
It was also exciting to see some of you at the AID for a chat and sharing apples, and hope to continue seeing you at our events.We would like to draw your attention to our upcoming activities.

  • Weekly Meditations – Every Monday and Thursday
  • Zen Meditation Sunday – 3 September
  • Taizé prayer – 11 September
  • Lost-a-parent grief support group – 11 September
  • Apple harvest – 16 and 30 September
  • Book club – 4 and 18 September
  • Grief and Writing workshop – 24 September
  • Retreat and recharge evening – 26 September

We are very excited to see you soon for our events. Always nice to have you there!

You can find our latest newsletter here.

We are always welcoming new ideas! So if you want to help organize a philosophy diner, forest walk or yoga class for example- we would love to hear from you!

SPECTRUM ‘Student Platform & Chaplaincy Wageningen’ is an open social student community, membership is not required.
Our aim is to gather students in all their diversity for religious, philosophical and cultural exploration and discussion.



Spirituality – Lectio Divina, Bible Journaling, Space and vitality, Taize

Personal growth – Personal counseling, DIEP, Space and vitality

Connecting – Painting ‘Home’ during One Week, Forest bathing, DIEP, Science and Religion

Philosophy – Science and Religion, Forest bathing, Lectio Divina

Creativity –Creative Studio, Bible Journaling, Painting ‘Home’ during One World Week

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