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Happy April, Dear Ones!!! 😀

We hope you had a good Easter in Nature, with/without our beloved (human) beings, abroad or around Wagenigen.

In April almost everything around us is manifestly awakened: flowers are blooming and “dressed up” with their most beautiful colours, bumblebees are pollinating them, all the diverse perfumes from the earth pierce even more through our noses, animals start coupling, and us… Are we awakening/awakened to All This Beauty around us and within us?

Look at what Dr. Malcom Sayer (Robin Williams) said about being awakened in our human spirit in a movie that we recommend you watching: “Awakenings” (1990). He told:

“The human spirit is more powerful than any drug..it needs to be nourished with: work, play, friendship, family.”

Can you joyfully smile at the human beings you meet at the University or around the streets?
Can you still be amazed by the rising up and setting of the Sun that each days dies and is born again for us?
Can you experience the immense gratitude of walking on this Earth, kissing it with each of your footsteps?
Are you nurturing your human spirit with fun activities, friendship and family?

We hope that our activities this month will awaken you to all that it is here, now, around you, within you, and through you, with a compassionate, attentive, and kind glance at everything/everyone! Coming to our monthly activities, in chronological order we will have:


Weekly Meditation- Every Monday & Thursday
Lost a parent- Support Group (only in Dutch- at the moment)- every 2 weeks on Monday
Sunset Meditation Workshop with ISOW- April 13th
Introduction to Watercolour Painting- April 14th FULL
Creative Writing Workshop- April 18th
Retreat & Recharge- April 19th
Forest Bathing-April 20th
Reiki with David- April 20th
Partner Yoga with Petra- April 26th
Grief & Writing workshop- April 30th
Meditation course- May 1st to May 4th
Spectrum’s Philosophy Group- May 3rd

You can find our latest April newsletter here.

We are always welcoming new ideas! So if you want to help organize a philosophy diner, forest walk or yoga class for example- we would love to hear from you!

SPECTRUM ‘Student Platform & Chaplaincy Wageningen’ is an open social student community, membership is not required.
Our aim is to gather students in all their diversity for religious, philosophical and cultural exploration and discussion.



Spirituality – Lectio Divina, Bible Journaling, Space and vitality, Taize

Personal growth – Personal counseling, DIEP, Space and vitality

Connecting – Painting ‘Home’ during One Week, Forest bathing, DIEP, Science and Religion

Philosophy – Science and Religion, Forest bathing, Lectio Divina

Creativity –Creative Studio, Bible Journaling, Painting ‘Home’ during One World Week

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