This ZenSunday is organised in collaboration with the
zengroup Wageningen, KenKon and Spectrum. The day is
guided by guest teacher Senko Sensei. A great opportunity
to practice with the four elements of zen training:
meditation, kinetic awareness, study and social interaction.

The ZenSunday starts with an elaborate guided
meditation and a dharma talk halfway the day. Periods of
meditation will be alternated with walking meditation and
personal interview with Senko Sensei. Around noon there
will be a lunch available. After the lunch we will continue
with some stretching exercises and meditation. We close
off the day by a short Buddhist service.

The day is guided by guest teacher Senko Sensei. Senko
Sensei has done his zen training at Zen River Temple and,
since his dharma transmission, teaches at zencentres in
Utrecht and Groningen.

Fee: 10 euros (incl lunch) for WUR students (full price is 35 euros, but we offer students quite a discount).

Sign up: zeninwageningen@gmail.com (mention you are a WUR student)