Wednesday, 26th April| 19:30-21:30| Forum B0103
Petra is an exchanging Bachelor student from Norway, who has a lot of experience in yoga and is happy to teach it to you 😀

Petra’s next yoga session on the 26th of April will be partner yoga, where we try out different yoga poses in pairs to be a little bit more playful and help each other stretch. We will try out poses inspired by acroyoga and some poses where we help each other in familiar stretches before we finish up individually on our own mats. Bring a friend or come alone and partner up with someone there!

As usual, this activity has no cost, and all you need to do is to fill in this form and sign up for it!
Kindly, bring your yoga mat  🙂

See you there!
Namasté! <|:O)


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