It’s spring! It’s the season to go outdoors, to enjoy the scent of flowers, to feel the soft breeze on your skin. During a guided walk we will explore what it is to truly enjoy something. What is enjoyment for you? What gives you energy? When do you forget about your worries and

responsibilities, so that you can be fully present in the here and now? When was the last time you experienced a state of flow?

Outdoor coach Babette Weel from Walk ‘n Act will take us on a hike through the beautiful spring forest near the Hoekelum Farm (we meet at the parking lot at Edeseweg 122, 6721 KE, Bennekom). It will be a small group (depending on COVID-regulations), so sign up in time (spectrum.spc@wur.nl)! During the walk we will do some (mindfulness) exercises, and you will be given some questions to ponder and discuss with each other. Enjoy!