“Staying Rooted in Times of Uncertainty”

Trainer: Annick Nevejan

  • How to meet the vast and complex challenges we are faced with like climate change, the pandemic, and social and ecological injustice?
  • How to stay grounded and be strengthened by these times of great uncertainty?
  • How to use the energy and information in our emotions like fear, anger, and desire in a wholesome and powerful way to impact the system we are part off?
This workshop is ideal for anyone who cares about the world and is keen to find ways to resource themselves to make a positive difference. You do not need to have any previous experience, beliefs or practices to come.
Find out more about Spiritual Ecology in Netherlands: www.spiritualecology.nl

Register before March 8 – 12:00 hours

All are welcome; we’d love for you to join us!