Are you a PhD student feeling overwhelmed? Do you have some positive vibes that you want to share? Are you – or a friend – the kind of PhD student that “never has time” to unwind?

Spectrum is organizing a meeting for all PhD candidates, inviting them to share their experiences and struggles as PhD researchers at WUR.

Therefore we joyfully invite all of you, PhD’s, for a get together where we can relax, unwind, and, most importantly, discuss about issues that afflict us as a community.

We look forward to hosting you and are keen to invite all PhD’s.

Come and join us for an opportunity to discuss and make (new) friends, while having a warm cup of coffee/tea and lunch with us!

Please note that the event is either in-person or online: you can express your meeting preference via the Google form you find at the “Sign up here!” button, below.

For more info on the program contact Josine 06-23331281, josine.vanderhorst@wur.nl

No costs are involved.


Sign up here!