‘Inspo: ˈɪnspəʊ/ noun, informal : something or someone that serves as inspiration or motivation.’

Be outside, exercise, see/meet other people AND be inspired. That’s our idea with the Inspo-Runs! With a group we run (or walk…) 5 kilometers through Wageningen. We start with 5 minutes of inspiration from our chaplain Jorn, then we run/walk 5K and we end with 5 minutes where one of the participants shares )..what inspires him/her. From 19.30h till approx. 20.30h.

Want to know more or register? Please fill in the Google Form (click) and share your e-mail address and phone number, so we can add you to our Whatsapp-group where you can ask questions and we share the location we start at.

(Welcome to everyone, even if you don’t have a lot of experience with running – it’s about the effort and willingness to meet other people and move! It’s not about the finish, it’s all about the journey)