Speed reading, word-chunking, diagonal reading, skimming… when studying articles for the university we have learned techniques to keep a fast pace. Before we know, we automatically find ourselves using the same methods for inspirational and sacred texts.

In our inspiration evenings, we will listen to an inspiring text with all our body and being. We do this by applying a technique called ‘Lectio Divina’, which is a very old monastic technique in which you read a small part of an inspiring piece of text, slowly and in silence. The text can be anything that speaks to us, for example from Buddhist teachers, mystics, or from the Christian or Hindu tradition. This event is open to everyone and is free of costs.

The inspiration evening is a key moment in the month for me. To reconnect to myself and to be in deeper contact with others. To find inspiration and sometimes unexpected meaning from beautiful texts and teachers. Through the guidance and the used meditation technique, I’m always able to receive the wisdom and message that I didn’t always know I needed. (A student testimony)Our chaplain Jeanette den Ouden has worked with the Lectio Divina technique for 15 years and is happy to share her experience with it. For more information, send an email to marloesharkema@gmail.com.