By using small creative writing exercises, we will express our stories of grief, give voice to our sadness or pen down our warm memories of loved ones. This can be healing on its own. You can then share your experiences and advice with others, as well as learn from them. As everyone deals with grief differently, this can lead to new ideas. You will work from home: having our own safe space to write, while we will share online our personal stories and give voice to feelings of grief. Please note, the workshop is planned every last Sunday of the month for 2021-22. You can join in anytime, and the sessions stand on their own: you can join, once, twice, or multiple times.

Student testimonies
I really appreciated the workshop. It was such a unique safe and open safe to process my emotions. I felt much less lonely in my grieving process, connecting with people going through similar emotions. The writing helped to organize my thoughts and see my situations more clearly. It’s also something that I can continue to do on my own to process the feelings further.
Thank you very much for the session and being open and vulnerable with us! It was really touching and helped me to clear my mind a lot”
“The workshop gave me a proper ‘space’ to address grief, I am really grateful I can share my story and also listen to others

About the trainer
Marloes Harkema, author of a book about grief, will lead these sessions. After having lost her husband when she was 28, she discovered how healing it is to write and how essential it is to connect with others. Now 10 years later, she facilitates writing workshops, walks and talks on grief. She works as a communication trainer and coach for the university and as Buddhist coordinator for Spectrum.

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