Thursday, 20th April | 6:30 | De Ontmoeting, Emmaleen 1, Bennekom

Forest bathing is a mindful and meditative way of visiting the forest. You will be guided in some exercises to slow down, find silence and connect with your own body, mind and soul and the forest.
We take a forest bath in the morning, around sunrise. Our forest bath takes 45 minutes, it will give a nice starting energy to the rest of your day.

We gather at our building ‘De Ontmoeting’, Emmalaan 1 , Bennekom. It is 10 minutes of cycling from Wageningen campus.

We leave ‘De Ontmoeting’ at 8.00 o’clock and walk in 6 minutes to the entrance of the forest at the end of Algemeer/Bornweg.

Forest Bathing will be Dutch and English spoken.

This activity is free, but please register at

roos@roosvandoorn.nl. You will receive an email with more detailed information on what to bring and what to expect.