Sunday 13 June“Expressing by writing”
Sunday 20 June“Sharing by walking”
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By using small creative writing exercises we
will express our stories of grief, give voice toour sadness or pen down our warmmemories of loved ones. This can be healingon its own. You can then share yourexperiences and advice with others as wellas learn from them. As everyone deals withgrief differently, this can lead to new ideas.

Grief can make you feel at loss, and canmake it difficult to connect to daily life atuniversity and work. The current coronasituation can also amplify this. In the livesessions we will go out for a walk in theforest together (nearby Wageningen).Griefing can be a lonely road, butconnecting with others can make theroad a little lighter.

Marloes Harkema, author of a book on grief, will lead these sessions. After having lost her husband when she was 28, she discovered how healing it is to write and how essential it is to connect with others. Now 10 years later, she facilitates writing workshops, walks and talks on grief.
Sign up at Spectrum: spectrum.spc@wur.nl