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We are build on 5 pillars

Spirituality | Creativity | Connecting | Personal Growth | Philosophy
  • Creative Studio 02/12

    Creative Studio continues its online activities through the WhatsApp group created for Inktober. There will be weekly or bi-weekly [...]

  • Dealing with Grief 06/12

    Spectrum is organizing 4 combined sessions on dealing with grief. Being confronted with grief (by the passing of a grandparent, parent, [...]

  • Mindfulness Meditation 08/12

    Relax and refocus with meditation. Normally, every Tuesday in Orion and every first friday of the month in Forum library [ from 12:30 [...]

  • Taizé Prayer 14/12

    Medittive service with silence & songs. Every second and fourth Monday of the month at 20:00 in the Arboretum Church (August [...]

  • Spectrum’s Christmas Event 19/12

    Christmas in Corona-times is different! Even though you can’t visit family and friends, we hope Christmas 2020 will be a holiday [...]

  • European Meeting Taizé 28/12

    Together with Taizé Wageningen, CSF – and some churches we organize a Taizé meeting during the Christmas Holidays. Originally [...]

  • Visit to Nijmegen Prison Reversed 30/12

    Now that we – for the first time in many years – can not visit the inmates in Nijmegen over Christmas to sing with them as a choir, the [...]

  • Happy – The Movie 30/12

    We will watch the award winning movie (by Roko Belic) that takes us on a journey around the world to find out what makes us truly [...]