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We are build on 5 pillars

Spirituality | Creativity | Connecting | Personal Growth | Philosophy
  • Weekly Mindfulness Meditation 29/09

    In our weekly meditation sessions we will take some time to be mindful, with the help of the guided meditations organized by our [...]

  • Grief And Writing 02/10

    By using small creative writing exercises, we will express our stories of grief, give voice to our sadness or pen down our warm [...]

  • Retreat and Recharge 04/10

    Are you longing for some inner silence and reflection? At the monthly Retreat & Recharge Evenings we slowly digest an inspirational [...]

  • Zen Sunday 09/10

    This ZenSunday is organised in collaboration with the zengroup Wageningen, KenKon and Spectrum. The day is guided by guest teacher [...]