Board training

Spectrum training programs are

Board Training

Target Group: Students Boards and Teams in Wageningen

SP&C traint en coacht besturen om er als team een inspirerend jaar van te maken. Visie, en goede interne en externe
samenwerking vinden wij erg belangrijk.

De onderstaande 6 trainingen bieden we aan:
Teambuilding – Leiderschap -Visieontwikkeling – Time management -Externe communicatie

Heb je een andere vraag? We leveren altijd maatwerk!

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Personal Leadership

Target group: the individual student

As part of this program training is offered a few times a year  to a small group of individual students.

The training aims at getting to know yourself better and the potential that you have.

Your own strength and weekness, challenges and talents – how you are seen by others, and by youself – presentation skills -Visions and values – managing yourself – social skills – views and planning for the future – making choices – time management –

These are offered via the Newsletter and  on site and Facebook site of SP&C.

Special request ? Don’t hesitate to ask: Didi de Mildt