Walk and Talk – personal coaching


Date: 28/05/2018 - 28/06/2018
Time: All Day
Location: Building with the Clock – Office SP&C
Adress: Generaal Foulkesweg 37
ZIP Code / Town: Wageningen


Walk and Talk. When? Whenever you wish!

This is an offer the student chaplains have for you.  To talk. If you are making descisions or plans and want a person to think aloud to. If you feel at a loss and want to sort things out. If you are grieving over a loved one and want to share. If you want to discuss your thoughts or feelings ….

Call on one of the chaplains and make an appointment to have a good walk and talk .

See our ‘About’ page for contact.

Josine    chaplain@planet.nl

    Didi      didi.demildt@wur.nl


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