Spectrum logo(klein) voor siteSPECTRUM ‘Student Platform & Chaplaincy Wageningen’ is an open social student community, membership is not required. Our aim is to gather students in all their diversity for religious, philosophical and cultural exploration and discussion. We are motivated by a Christian hospitality and a genuine interest in the many different ways young people try to give meaning to their lives.

Among the activities of SPECTRUM are social gatherings, excursions, trips, dialogue groups, cultural workshops, movies and discussion, life coaching and training. Each one of us has a frail but fascinating place in the world: small and vulnerable, yet significant, creative, original and unique.  Invest in the development of your personality, your awareness, your spirituality. Deepen your religious or philosophic view in contact with other students. Face your existence and broaden your mind. Gather scientific knowledge and strive towards wisdom.

SPECTRUM is a local community of a countrywide network of organizations for students in the Netherlands .

Committee of Activities (CoA)
CoA organizes interreligious, cultural, spiritual and philosophical activities or social gatherings for fun.
Activities can include dinners and drinks, workshops (dancing, poetry, meditation), discussions and dialogues, movies, socially engaged initiatives and more. Do you have a good idea yourself, or do you want to help brainstorm and organize? Let us know!


SPECTRUM is lead and supported by student chaplains , next to which there are religious advisors. The chaplains are always available for a personal and confidential talk.  The student chaplains or life counselors will help you look for significance in personal themes and questions. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

Student team

The student chaplains and life coaches are supported by a student team.


Contact us

General contact

Telephone: 06 14328127

Email: spectrum.spc@wur.nl

Address: Generaal Foulkesweg 37

ZIP: 6703 BL Wageningen

Bank-account ING: 3713410

Bank-account Triodos: NL51 TRIO 0338 5409 54

Student chaplains & Life coaches

Didi de Mildt

Josine van der Horst

The Foundation: Official information required by the Dutch Government for transparency of charities.
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