Flourish in Diversity

Spectrum Student Platform & Chaplaincy is an open social student community. Our aim is to gather students in all their diversity for religious, philosophical and cultural exploration and discussion. We are motivated by hospitality and a genuine interest in the many different ways young people try to give meaning to their lives and supporting them in finding their passion. We want to use the diversity in Wageningen to create the best experience for Dutch and international students during their time here.

Spectrum organises activities categorized in five different pillars: spirituality, personal growth, connecting, philosophy and creativity. Examples of these activities are meditation, art workshops, movies and discussion, excursions and trips, dialogue groups and life coaching and training. The goal behind these activities is to support student’s personal development beyond academic learning.

Student Team

Chaplains and support

Spectrum is lead and supported by student chaplains, next to which there are religious advisors. The chaplains are always available for a personal and confidential talk, don’t hesitate to contact them!!

We are always looking for new ideas and new energy, so if you have an idea for an activity or just want to help out, let us know!